Participant Reactions

...I would like to congratulate you and your colleagues on organising a truly memorable 15th European Union Contest for Young Scientists in Budapest.
I know just how much time and effort goes into the organisation of an event such as this and I am sure that the young scientists who participated to the Contest will treasure their experience for many years...

Yours sincerely,
Rainer GEROLD, EU Commission

…I would like to congratulate you, together with the other members of the steering committee and the organising committee, on the highly successful outcome of the Contest…
… You have established in the minds of all of us who attended, an indelible impression of your country’s history and abilities, and the eagerness and professionalism with wich it is assuming its new responsibilities in Europe. Perhaps in summary of the achievement, I need to say no more than to quote part of a message written by one of the participants on the hotel notice board as we were leaving last Friday. The message ended ”...thank you. We love you Hungarians...”

Jan Steenbakker, European Patent Office

…Its success is certainly due to your personal involvement and the care that the Hungarian Association for Innovation has pursued since the beginning.
We have been very happy that Hungary has hosted this year the Contest allowing us to know better and admire your country through its different cultural aspects…

Gregorio Medrano, EU Comission

...I would like to warmly thank you for the highly successful 15th European Union Contest for Young Scientists in Budapest. Events such as this are very complex and difficult to organise and it is a testament to your managerial capacities that everything went so well. Please convey special thanks to Alexandra who did a fantastic job in supporting the Jury, and to the team of student helpers...

Yours sincerely,
Stephen Parker, EU Comission

... This was the best ever EUCYS - you did a great job. Everything was perfect...

Walter K L Henderson, National Organiser
European Schools

...I would like to thank you again for your kind hospitality and also congratulate you and your team on organising such a successful context. We will have a hard job next year in Ireland living up to the standard you have set.

Jane Grimson, Jury Member

...Congratulations on a highly successful Contest last week. I also think that you not only carried out an impressive task organisationally, but you made a superb job of introducing Hungary to the participants - we have all left with very fond memories.

Grant Philpott
European Patent Office

...Hope you have recovered well about this extremely beautiful contest in Budapest. I would like to warmly thank you as it was a very successful contest that we will remember. My thanks also to all the student helpers, they really prooved to be a very good and very efficient team.

Justina Martínez Alarcón
European Comission

You really made a great contest for all the participants, NO's, escorts and everyone that joined the contest. I am very impressed of the professionalism and kindness you showed all of us during the week.
Well done!. I am already missing your beautiful city, the nice people and not to forget the tasteful food from Hungary.
Tell the student helpers that they did a marvelous job too.
Well done - and have a nice day.

Sissel M. Holmern, National Organiser

...Let me thank you for the great time we spent in Budapest from all Russian delegation. It was really wonderful week in our life! Organization of the European Union Contest for Young Scientists was condacted on high international level. Many thanks for all organizators for the friendly disposed to Contest participants.

Svetlana Kashina, National Organiser

...Dear Laszlo,

it is my great pleasure to thank you, Peter, Janos and other organizers as well as student helpers for well-conducted contest in this year. I have to say that we felt "as in home" during these days. All activities were, I think, well balanced for students as well as for escorts and others. Also thanks for visits of so many places and buildings characterized by flow of history.

Good luck from Prague and I hope, see you again in future contests.
Peter Klan, National Organiser

...I trust this e-mail finds you well. First of I'd like to congratulate you and all your team for the very well organised EU Contest in Hungary. It has truly been a very enjoyable and memorable experience. The students' feedback on the week programme has been very positive.

Alexandra Scicluna, National Organiser

...First of all let me congratulate you for excellent work done during the event in Budapest last week.
Everyone I have talked with has been very happy with the way the event was carried out.

best regards

Pekka Pellinen, Leader National Organiser

...the EUCYS in Budapest is now over. Italian team has not won anything but I want to express my appreciation for the whole organisation of the event. All the members of the staff were always kind and smart and the Italian team had a very good time in Budapest

Andrea Minidio, National Organiser

...I wanted to thank you for the wonderful event. No doubt it was a very big and well organized production, and I was happy to be part of it. Sincerely and all the best,

Dea Brokman, National Organiser

...Thank you very much for the CD and the project on the whole. Everything was great !!! Many greetings to your team !!!
Wishing you all the best...

Mudite Kalnina, National Organiser

…I am delighted about the good trace that Hungary with your aid has left to the Latvians…
…careful planning by the Hungarian side has truly astonished many…

Roberts Paeglis, Latvia

…I was very impressed by the way in which you organised the EU contest…

John Needle
Director, London International Youth Science Forum

...Thank you for the great time we had in Budapest. I found it a very well
organized meeting and I know the students had a wonderful experience...

Inger and Ivar Giaver, Nobel Laureate

...Let me take the opportunity to congratulate you and your staff and thank you all very much for a wonderful arrangement in connection with the 15th EU Contest for Young Scientists. It was a really memorable occasion and I think with pleasure back to the outstanding week spent in Budapest. With my very best wishes,

Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen, Jury Member, Denmark

...It was a pleasure and a honour to be part of the contest in Budapest...

Michéle Peron, Jury Member, Germany

...Let us thank you for reception and attention you have given me and my Jury colleagues. Stay in Budapest was very pleasant and comfortable...

Prof. N. Bagdasaryan, Jury Member
Russia was a great pleasure for me to be a member of the jury in Budapest, I enjoyed my stay in Budapest very much! I would like to thank you for all the efforts you made to make our stay so comfortabel and enjoyable. Thank you very much and congratulation to the great work you have done!...

Best regards

Eliabeth Stiller-Erdpresser, Jury Member

...I wish to express my congratulations to all of You for making the contest
a high quality event. Many congratulations...

Best regards
D. Fonteyn, Jury Member, Belgium

...How are you since last week? I believe you have already recovered from the excellent work done with the contestants in Budapest

Ana Aguilar, press
Hill & Knowlton International Belgium s.a./n.v.

...Thank you again for a very enjoyable and memorable week in Budapest. I will remember the experience forever and I have made many new friends thanks to the contest.

Francesca Stivala, Contestant

...Thanks for the great time in Budapest!...

Adnan Osmani, Contestant

...I just wanted to say a great big thank you for making Hungary 2003 such an amazing, eventful, fun, sociable, stress-free, enjoyable, appetising ...,
culturally enriching, informative, expansive and inspiring trip...
...THE STUDENT HELPERS: YOU, yes YOUUUUU are the people that made the organisation of thi even a true success...

Take care guys,
Taavi Tillmann, Contestant

...Also I would like to thank to You and all students helpers for
the outstanding work you have done during the EU-contest...

Best regards
Marek Sebesta, contestant